Canelo Alvarez vs Alfredo Angulo Confirmed on March 8

January 6, 2014, it was officially reported in that Canelo Alvarez will be facing Alfredo Angulo this coming March 8, 2014. This is the fight of Canelo after he got his first loss last September 14, 2014 from the hands of the undefeated, Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Canelo vs Angulo tickets are now available to purchase. You can visit the link below to reserve a seat for their fight on March 8, 2014 which will be held at MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. This will be a great fight though considering that Canelo Alvarez is still in the process of recovering from his first loss last year.

Canelo vs Angulo fight is the first fight of the year to be in pay per view which will be aired through Showtime CBS and is expected to be seconded on May for the big payday for Floyd Mayweather Jr. But before the fight of Mayweather on May 3rd, with no official opponent yet, we will focus and reserve our seats for this coming fight of Alvarez and Alfredo.

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